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Travel to Burma from Hanoi by air

  • 23/11/2016
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Burma, the beautiful country with glorious Buddhist pagodas along with alluring unspoiled beaches, is one of the must destination in South East Asia. Travelling to Burma, tourists can truly have an enjoyable time wandering the crowded city Yangon, cycling around to see the curious life of the local or bathing on sun-drenched beaches.

On opening new flights to Burma, airlines have significantly contributed to the increased number of travelers to this country. The following is especially for tourists planning a trip to Burma from Hanoi. Myanmar domestic flights

Yangon International Airport

Yangon International Airport- source: internet

The best way to travel from Hanoi to Burma is by air. A number of airlines currently offer flights departing from Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) and arriving at Yangon International Airport (RGN), including direct and indirect ones.

Direct flights

Vietnam Airlines is the most popular firm offering nonstop flights from Hanoi to Burma. It has about four flights from and to Burma every week, specifically on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It takes almost two hours and a half for a flight between Hanoi and Burma.

Vietnam Airlines owns the most modern airplanes

Vietnam Airlines owns the most modern airplanes -source: internet

Due to directing flights, Vietnam Airlines has competitive prices for travelers from Hanoi to Burma. Its charge ranges from US$40-300 per person for one way, excluding taxes and fees, basing on its seven different seat type including Supper Deal, Special Deal, Economy Save, Economy Standard, Economy Flex, Business Save and Business Flex. Therefore, the earlier you book the tickets, the more likely you get the cheap ones.

Enjoy the deluxe service of Vietnam Airlines

Enjoy the deluxe service of Vietnam Airlines

As the national airline of Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines is always highly ranked by passengers for its quality service. So travelling from Hanoi to Yangon, Burma with Vietnam Airlines would be a comfortable and safe journey.

Airplane of Emirates Airlines

Airplane of Emirates Airlines -source: internet

Emirate Airlines, the World’s Best Airline of 2016 by SkyTrax, also offers rather budget fight from Hanoi to Yangon without transiting. However, Emirate Airlines has few nonstop flights back to Hanoi from Yangon. Indochina tours Myanmar

Indirect flights

You will be surprised by the market of indirect flights from Hanoi to Yangon, Burma with a variety of popular airlines including Thai Airways International, Emirates Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Cathay Pacific, Jet Start Asia, Vietnam Airlines and etc..

Thai Airways staff

Thai Airways staff -source: internet

In particular, Thai Airways has the most indirect flights from Hanoi to Yangon everyday. You will transit in Bangkok, Thailand before going to Yangon. It takes about 5-6 hours to transits in Thailand with Thai Airways. For two-way travel, the ticket price is about US$400. The second most favored firm in Vietnam is Viet Jet Air with flights from Hanoi to Yangon transiting in HCMC. And the waiting time can be up to 9 hours.

So that is our sharing on how to travel from Hanoi to Burma by air with a hope that you could choose the best airlines for your journey.

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