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Travel by domestic flights in Myanmar

  • 08/12/2016
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Myanmar (Burma) with the official name: Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia, northwestern China-India peninsula. Travel to Myanmar, you have many places to visit, such as Bagan, Mandalay, Yangon, etc. To discover them easily, traveling by domestic flights is the best choice for you. golden Myanmar flight schedule 

The airplan is the most suitable means of transportation in Myanmar

In Myanmar, to travel around the famous tourist destinations, you can choose one of 3 means of transportation: trains, buses and domestic planes.

However, due to poor infrastructure, railways are degrading, which makes trains delay and shake when transferring. For example, if it is not delay, you will take 16 hours to travel from Yangon to Mandalay. Moreover, it is so cold at night trains.

Contrary to trains, buses can save more time. But you can suffer from crowd and inconvenience. Therefore, domestic plane with comfort and cheap price is the best choice for you. And traveling by domestic plane in Myanmar is very interesting.

Travel by domestic airplane is the best choice in Myanmar

Travel by domestic airplane is the best choice in Myanmar -source: internet

Notes for travelling by domestic plane here is that after check in and go to departures lounge, you will be confused about which gate to board. Because passengers of all the flight are in the same area and don’t have any gates numbered.

In this case, don’t worry, there will be staffs raise the board with the information of flight code and destination. What you need to do is look round to find the board having your flight.

Staffs at the airport use a board to inform the flight code and destination

Staffs at the airport use a board to inform the flight code and destination -source: internet

Although, travelling by airplane is the most effective way for you in Myanmar, the schedule of Mandalay and Yangon flights is quite limited. There are many daily flights to most of town, charter flights are also available.

The low-cost carrier in Myanmar

For above reasons, airplanes are not only the best means to move to Myanmar but also a great choice to visit the locations in Myanmar.

Nowadays, Myanmar has 41 airports in operation, 5 largest airports of them are:

  • Mingaladon Airport (Yangon)
  • Annisaton Airport (Mandalay)
  • Heho Airport (Heho)
  • Thandwe Airport (Rakhine State)
  • Civil Airport (Sittwe)

To get the best price when moving in Myanmar by domestic flights, you can choose Golden Myanmar Airlines (GMA) – a new low-cost domestic carrier in Myanmar with cheapest one. You can pay directly by Visa / Master Card to book. It has flights such as Yangon-Mandalay, Mandalay-Naung U (Bagan), Naung U (Bagan) -Heho (Inle lake). Myanmar airline international

Golden Myanmar Airlines is one of option to get best price

Golden Myanmar Airlines is one of option to get best price -source: internet

Tips: the main currency in Myanmar is Kyat. In addition, you can use the US dollars to pay when shopping. Pound or Euro is very difficult to use in Myanmar. Don’t forget to bring cash to pay for living expenses because there are few places accepting credit card payments, even in restaurants, shopping malls or luxury hotels.

You have to pay USD$100/ one way ticket for Yangon – Mandalay flight, USD$92 – Yangon – Nyaung U.  Although Mandalay airplane is so small and hot, the flight attendants are pretty and well – trained. The flight time in Myanmar is often short so you do not need to choose some luxury airplanes. Airport charges for each flight are 1000 kyat. You can book online on its website. When you are in Rangoon, you can pay for tickets at the office.

On peak season, there are two flights in the morning and afternoon. You should choose morning one to avoid the delay because of the fog.

Domestic airport is often located next to Yangon international airport, you should arrive one hour before check in. Each carrier has its own check in desk for all flights in a day. After check –in, you will receive a piece of symbols to realize flights.

A sticker on shirt to realize flight

A sticker on shirt to realize flight -source: internet

If you have only a short time to visit Myanmar, choosing domestic flights is the best way to help you both savor many beautiful and famous places and save money and time.

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