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Guide to Burma domestic flights

  • 04/11/2016
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Burma has several airlines serving domestic destinations. As the country emerges as a tourist hotspot, demands for internal flights have been rising considerably. To make your choice for these flights easier, this guide will list a number of Burma airlines and how to travel by air in the country. Myanmar domestic flight

Burma – a beautiful country

Burma – a beautiful country- source: internet


There are some small airlines which fly the same routes and usually at the same time, so this may confuse customers, especially those who come here for the first time. Below are some famous airlines in Burma:

Myanmar National Airlines

This is one of the oldest and the most experienced airlines in Asia. With a history of more than 65 years, it has gained certain achievements as well as reputation in Burma. Compared to other airlines, it has the strong point of having the most extensive routes within the country. Its fleet comprises of 12 planes of 7 different types.

Myanmar National Airlines’ Boeing

Myanmar National Airlines’ Boeing- source: internet

Yangon Airways

Established in 1996, Yangon Airways is a domestic airline which is owned by state. The airline has domestic flights from to 13 main tourist destinations and commercial hubs.

Yangon Airways’ aircraft

Yangon Airways’ aircraft- source: internet

Air Bagan

Air Bagan is one of the very first private airlines in Burma. With a fleet of 5 aircrafts, it is operating 19 internal destinations. It was chosen to be the airline providing the best services in Myanmar by customers. Each day, it serves about 25 flights. Myanmar airline

Air Mandalay

Operated in 1994, this is the first privately owned airline which has made a great contribution to Burma’s tourism industry. Currently, it owns a fleet of 3 aircrafts. For over 20 years of operation, it is proud of having no incidents yet. It offers flights to all of prime tourist destinations in Burma.

A meal with Air Mandalay

A meal with Air Mandalay- source: internet

Booking flights

Not all Burma airlines have online booking systems so you should book a ticket locally by several ways:

  • Hotel: this is the easiest and convenient way to book a flight ticket. They will provide you with essential information you need.
  • Travel Agency: You can contact to some local travel agency near your hotel for booking.

We recommend you to have a plan already before travelling to Burma so it is easier for you to purchase your ticket in the airport when arriving.

Routes and schedule

Most of tourist sites are accessible by domestic flights in Burma. However, you should ask carefully how many layovers each route has so you can add certain amount of time. The information about flight schedules can be searched online.

When to book

As mentioned above, some airlines serve similar routes so you can be flexible when booking. A day in advance is enough time for booking a flight. If it is in holiday and festival time, you should book a few days earlier.

 With some basic information about domestic flights, we hope that you will find it easier to book a ticket. Don’t hesitate to book flights with Burma airlines to discover the beauty of the country and have an unforgettable memory with friends and family.

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