Flights Tachileik to Lashio


Flights from Tachileik (THL) to Lashio (LSH):

Airlines Depart Arrive Route Price
MYANMAR nation airline 08:05 THL 09:00 LSH Nonstop 123 USD
MYANMAR nation airline 10:55 THL 11:50 LSH Nonstop 123 USD
Golden Myanmar airline 11:20 THL 12:25 LSH Nonstop 118 USD
AIR KBZ 12:00 THL 13:05 LSH Nonstop 157 MMK
AIR KBZ 14:10 THL 15:15 LSH Nonstop 157 MMK

Note: Flights Tachileik to Lashio

Airfare from Tachileik (THL) to Lashio (LSH) stated above are for reference only, please contact our hotline for further assistance.


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