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Flights from Heathrow International Airport

  • 01/11/2016
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I come from Hanoi. Today, Hanoi is in the third storm. It has been raining heavily whole the day. I am sitting beside the window, seeing raindrops and thinking of David. David is my close friend. He lives in London. We’ve met each other the first time in 2013 in the student exchange program of Dong Do University with a group of foreign students in Hanoi. Since then, we’ve kept in touch with each other. David has just asked me that how he can get Burma from London. He will travel to Burma in November. As I know, he lives near Heathrow International Airport so I showed him the flights from Heathrow in London to Burma. I think that some of you also have intention to travel to Burma so I decide to share this post with you. I hope that it is useful for you. airlines flying to Myanmar 

London and its unique

Routemaster two-floor-bus in London’s street

Routemaster two-floor-bus in London’s street- source: internet

Typically, people in European countries have to drive on the left. However, you are permitted to drive on the right on Savoy Court road. Have you ever walked in the riverbed? Are you surprised? Do you think that it is impossible? You should experience these things. There is a walking tunnel named Greenweek under Thames River. Walking in Thames’ riverbed will bring you a novel feeling. Don’t miss Big Ben Great Clock Tower, Hyde Park, Westminster Palace, Westminster Monastery, Buckingham Palace, London Tower, and London Tower Bridge when you travel to London. London is a modern city; however, two-floor-buses are popular transportations. You can see these buses in any street in London. These buses help you move easily on London’s streets. You can also move by “Black cabs” in the city. London is regarded as a miniature Europe. You should immerse your self into living space here; you will feel that the life is worth cherishing.

London Tower Bridge across Thames River

London Tower Bridge across Thames River- source: internet

Some things you need to know about flights from Heathrow International Airport in London to Yangon in Burma

Heathrow is on the top of three busiest airports in the world in 2005. We temporarily say goodbye to London to fly to Burma. There are many flights from Heathrow international airport to many countries in the world everyday. It is not difficult for you to book a flight to Burma from Heathrow in London. You can refer flights of British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Emirate Airways or Qatar Airways. Air ticket price will be cheaper if you book round-trip ticket in advance. There have so many flights from Heathrow in London to Yangon of Burma during the day. However, there have no direct flights from London to Burma so you need to book one-stop-flights or two-stop-flights in advance for your trip. One-stop-flight is cheaper and faster than two-stop-flights. We choose starting place is in London so we also follow the local time. Myanmar airlines booking 

Typically, it takes you from 17 hours to 27.5 hours for the flights from Heathrow International Airport to the last destination is Yangon International Airport. It depends on the weather or extraordinary problems during flying time. These are schedule of some airlines that are useful for you during the flights from London to Burma, you can refer.

An airplane named Boeing 787-9 of Vietnam Airlines in the sky

An airplane named Boeing 787-9 of Vietnam Airlines in the sky- source: Internet

Vietnam airlines has one-stop-flights and 2-stop-flights from Heathrow international airport to Yangon International Airport in Burma. At 14:45 of the first day, Vietnam Airlines’ airplanes take off at Heathrow. At 9:00 the second day, airplane will land and transit at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City. It takes you 2 hours and 40 minutes for the first transit. At 11:40, an other airplane of Vietnam Airlines will take you to Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi at 13:45 of the second day. Noi Bai is the second transit and it takes you 3 hours and 45 minutes for the transit. At 16:50, airplane continues take you from Noi Bai to Yangon in Burma. You will be in Yangon International Airport at 18:10. You don’t have to pay fee for carrying baggage. For one-stop-flights, airplanes will take off at Heathrow International Airport, and then transit at Noi Bai International Airport. From Noi Bai International Airport, airplanes will take you to Yangon in Burma and finish flights with the same time of two-stop-flights. In typical, flights of Vietnam Airlines always take off at 14:45. However, flights of Vietnam Airlines from Heathrow to Yangon is not very frequent so if you have plan to fly with Vietnam Airline, you should book air ticket in advance and contact with Vietnam Airlines’ customer care department directly to get detail and exactly information. You can search flight schedules on Sky Scanner’s website to get competitive prices from many different airlines.

Shwedagon pagoda in Burma

Shwedagon pagoda in Burma- brilliant pagoda in the night- source: Internet

After landing in Yangon, you can visit famous places in Burma. Qatar Airways and Emirates are also good choices for you.

*Qatar Airways: There are many flights at 8:00, 9:00, 15:05, and 16:00 from Heathrow. Doha and Bangkok International Airport are two main transit points of Qatar Airways. Flying from Heathrow London to Yangon Burma takes you from 24 hours to 30.5 hours to get Burma from London. It depends on each flight schedule or weather condition.

*Thai Airway International: flights of Thai Airways International from Heathrow London to Yangon International Airport typically have transit in Bangkok International Airport. Airplanes of Thai Airway take off at 12:30 from Heathrow. Flying from Heathrow to Yangon takes you from 26 hours to 32 hours. It depends on each flight schedule and weather condition.

Sunset in Yangon brings peace to your soul

Sunset in Yangon brings peace to your soul- source: Internet

The flight schedules and air ticket’s price are always updated, so you should contact directly with airlines’ customer care department to get the latest information of flights and get promotion from airlines companies. As mentioned above, you can refer the website of Sky scanner, you can find out any information relevant to flights to any country in the world.

Discover the “don’t” in Burma

I’m sure that you have already found out famous places to visit as soon as landing in Burma.  I just want to make a list of ten things you should know in this pretty country.

*The first one: In Burma, Thingyan Festival or Water Festival is the biggest festival during the year. Water Festival is taken place in the middle of April. People have 4 days off. In this Festival, people splash other people with water with the meaning that they can wash away the sins and unlucky things of the last year and welcome New Year.

Thingyan Festival in Burma

Thingyan Festival in Burma- source: internet

*Secondly, there have hundred of beaches in Burma with nearly 2,000 kilometers long coastline. Seeing the sunset and sunrise ion the beaches of Burma is wonderful.

*The third thing is that Internet is no longer censored strictly as before.

*The next one, you should bring cash instead of debit cards or ATM cards because there are not many Automatic Teller Machines in Burma.

*One more thing you need to remember is that when you want to have beer, you should to make fake sound kiss.

*You may be charged with high price when renting hotels in Burma because tourists travel to Burma more and more nowadays and Burma is lack of hotels providing to tourists.

*The tradition costume of Burma people are dress. So don’t be surprised when you see a man wearing dress in Burma.

*You are just permitted to use your right hands when eating and your left hands should be used for having a wash.

*The next one is that motorbikes are prohibited in Burma so you can’t drive motorbike to travel. Moreover, trains in Burma is famous for its late. Trains in Burma are so old and always late. Buses in Burma are always crowded and inconvenient so domestic flights are the most popular choice of tourists.

*The last one is that people in Burma have red teeth because they chew betel. People in Burma are very helpful and friendly.

Simple life in Burma

Simple life in Burma- source: Internet

You will have peaceful moments in your mind and fall in love with lovely people in Burma. People in Burma are so approachable. If you are in London and getting used to modern life in London, you should book a flight from London to Burma and experience a simple life style in Burma. You can find out information of flights from London to Burma easily by one your smart phone with internet connection.

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