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Domestic airlines in Myanmar

  • 29/11/2016
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Nowadays, travelling within Myanmar becomes easier and more convenient with several airlines serving domestic destinations. If you are wondering about which one is best, here we mention 5 domestic airlines in Myanmar so that you can easily choose a suitable airline for your flight. Indochina tours Myanmar

Myanmar National Airlines

Founded in 1948, Myanmar National Airlines was firstly known as Burma Airways. During its time of operation, being an official state owned airline, it does not have a motto. The airline is comparatively large with a fleet comprising of 12 planes of different types. One of its weaknesses is its safety record with poor performance. Recently, two Xian planes had incidents on landing.

Inside a plane of Myanmar National Airlines

Inside a plane of Myanmar National Airlines -source: internet

Yangon Airways

This airline was established in 1996 as a domestic airline which is in a joint venture between Myanmar Airways and Krong – Sombat Co. of Thailand. Its motto is “You’re safe with us”. The airline evolved into principle domestic service carrier and serves flights to 13 prime commercial and tourist destinations with a small fleet of 3 ATR 212s. For the past 3 years, Yangon Airways has gained progressively market share.

Yangon airways staff

Yangon airways staff -source: internet

Golden Myanmar Airlines

The airline has recently been founded in 2012. It is always proud of being a budget airline of Myanmar which states “every day we do is for your satisfaction”. With 2 Airbus A320s, it flies between Mandalay and Yangon and more domestic routes are planned. Being the first Myanmar Aviation Public Company, Golden Myanmar Airlines has grown to be the leading domestic low cost carrier in the country.

Golden Myanmar aircraft

Golden Myanmar aircraft source: internet

Air Bagan

Headquartered in Bahan Towership, Yangon, Myanmar, this is the very first private airline which is 100% owned by Myanmar national. It was founded on 15 November 2004, having a small fleet of 4 aircrafts. It has operated flights to 19 domestic destinations. Notably, it is recommended as Three Star Airline for its best service chosen by customers. Myanmar airlines booking 

A meal with Air Bagan

A meal with Air Bagan -source: internet

Air KBz

Because people have low expectations for most domestic airlines, Air KBZ sets its slogan “Flying Beyond Expectation”. It is a privately owned airline which has a base in Yangon. Air KBZ started operations in 2011 and is owned by Kanbawza Bank. Currently, the airline flies to 15 domestic destinations with a fleet of 3 ATR 72 – 500. In order to make an expansion, Air KBZ plan to deploy more aircrafts.

Air KBZ flight

Air KBZ flight -source: internet

Most of tourist attractions in Myanmar are accessible by plane. However, there are several things that you should pay attention to. First, make sure you know the route because some flights may skip a city. Second, some airlines do not offer online booking so it is best to contact to a local agency near where you stay. Third, plan for delays during your travel because it is questionable that some small airports schedule many flights to depart at the same time.

So, above are 5 domestic airlines in Myanmar. We hope that you find it useful for your travelling within Myanmar. Wish you a happy time in this beautiful country and have a safe journey.

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