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5 popular domestic airlines in Myanmar

  • 14/11/2016
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What is the best transport in Myanmar (Burma)? Well, for foreigners and even local, the answer is airplane. So why people prefer going by air among cities there? Because Burmese railways are not in good shape and roads, which need improving, takes you long time. For all these reasons, traveling among cities by plane is the best choice.

Due to the huge demand of moving by air, domestic flights in Myanmar have been highly developed. There are a number of state-owned and private airlines catering for the great need of travelling. Below are the five popular airlines for you to pick for your trip in Myanmar

  1. Myanmar National Airlines (MNA)

Myanmar National Airlines is one of the oldest and most experiences airlines in Asia with a history of more than 65 years. The firm provides both international and domestic flights with the modern booking systems. MNA will certainly impressed you with its exceptionally useful website, http://www.flymna.com, allowing you to easily and quickly search for your flights. Especially, the firm does not charge different prices for foreigners and locals. As usual, it classifies cabin class, from Economy Super Saver, Economy Flexi, Premium Flexi and Business Flexi.

Inside an airplane of Myanmar National Airlines

Inside an airplane of Myanmar National Airlines-source: internet

In addition to providing flights throughout the country, MNA also have efficient services such as hotel reserve, car hire and holiday packages extremely useful for tourists travelling in Myanmar. The details are available at its convenient site.

  1. Air KBZ (Air Kanbawza)

Newly established in 2010, Air KBZ has an aim of becoming the most famous commercial airline in Myanmar. The firm has annually raised the quality of its services. In particular, from its 5 initial destinations, Air KBZ now has expanded its operation to 15 travel itineraries inside Myanmar. You can check it highly-ranked services on it site, http://airkbz.com.

KBZ is also renowned for its fresh-quality inflight meals with a slogan that passengers flying on Air KBZ will never fly to their destination on an empty stomach.

Enjoy good services on board with Air KBZ

Enjoy good services on board with Air KBZ- source: internet

  1. Air Mandalay

Air Mandalay is the first private-owned airline in Myanmar. With a wide domestic network, the firm has supported a lot for tourism industry of Myanmar. Air Mandalay has fixed schedule for daily flights from Yangon to Myitkyina and Sittway. Besides, the company also provides flights among Madalay, Bagan, Heho, Tachileik, Kyaing Tong, Thandwe. However, there is no flight schedule for these cities available at its site, http://www.airmandalay.com/. As a result, it takes you some time to select the location and check on your own.

Inside the cabin of an Air Mandalay plane

Inside the cabin of an Air Mandalay plane-source: internet

  1. Mann Yadanarpon Airlines (MYP)

Mann Yadanarpon Airlines (MYP) has monthly schedules published on its site, http://www.airmyp.com. The detail plans contain the place and time to depart and arrive of each flight through the week. The company offers rather dense flights everyday. So it is easy for you to pick the suitable.

MYP airplane

MYP airplane- source: internet

There is a big difference on the price foreigners and the local have to pay. Foreigners need to pay almost three times as much as the local do for the same flight. As usual, this airline offers rather good service for frequent flyers on becoming a Royal Club Member.

  1. Golden Myanmar Airlines

Similar to Mann Yadanarpon Airlines, Golden Myanmar Airlines has advanced schedules for daily flights on its site. Monthly, the company offers discount on certain itineraries, typically, from Yangon to Mandalay, Nyaung U or Heho. The company charges equal prices for both foreigners and locals. However, its charge is differentiated by Online Price and Web Promotion Price. Its official website, http://gmairlines.com,  can really help to update information on discounts and reservations.

An airplane of Golden Myanmar Airlines

An airplane of Golden Myanmar Airlines- source: internet

They are the 5 most thought-of airlines in Myanmar for foreigners and locals. To find a good ticket, you should visit their sites (with the official address mentioned above), check out the flight schedule first to save time. If the timetables are not available, it does not take long to search flights between specific cities. Finally, compare the time and price among airlines to have an ideal trip.


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