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4 suggested airlines to Burma

  • 17/10/2016
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Are you attracted to magnificent architectures? Are you curious of Buddhism in Asia? How about relaxing under natural and peaceful beaches? If you are interested in these things, Burma is the place for you! Located in the area of South East Asia, Burma share the land borders with Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh. Recently overcoming the economic sanction, Burma raise so much curiosity to travelers on the local life which is not similar to any countries in the area. Myanmar international airline

Nowadays, it is extremely easy for tourists to have a trip to this country thanks to the rapid development of airlines. So which airlines offer good flights to Burma? The following will show you all.

Bangkok Airway

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is the place most of airlines transit for their flights to Burma. Therefore, you can easily book a ticket for a flight to Burma from there. One of the most popular airlines to choose is Bangkok Airway.

Bangkok Airway Route Map

Bangkok Airway Route Map-source: internet

Thai Airway supplies its clients with various flights, departing from 12 big cities in Thailand and arriving at the three majoring Burmese cities namely Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon. It takes about one hour and a half for a flight from Bangkok, Thailand directly to Yangon, Burma. However, all flights of Bangkok Airway from other cities of Thailand will transit in Bangkok or at least another city within the country before heading to Burma, making the total trip duration longer. Details of all flights from Bangkok Airway can be found on its site: http://www.bangkokair.com

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines makes it extremely easy for tourists to travel from any cities of Malaysia to solely Yangon, Burma. The firm provides flights from different part of Malaysia and all of them will transit in Kuala Lumpur. It takes an hour and 10 minutes to travel by air from Kuala Lumpur to Yangon with Malaysia Airlines. The company charges various prices basing on the seat type, including Economy Promo, MH Basic, MH Smart and MH Flex. To find ticket for your ideal trip from Malaysia to Burma, visit Malaysia Airlines site at: airlines Myanmar

Excellent service on board of Malaysia Airlines

Excellent service on board of Malaysia Airlines-source: internet

Tiger Air

How about moving from Singapore to Burma? Tiger Air would be the best choice. The firm has flights from Changi International Aiport to Yangon International Aiport about four days a week and one flight per day. The total duration can be 2 hours and 55 minutes. Tiger Air offers three different package with various services such as check-in baggage, seat selection and meal selection. Detail of flights are available at: http://www.tigerair.com/

Tiger Air cabin crew

Tiger Air cabin crew-source: internet

Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines also launched direct flights from HCMC, Vietnam to Yangon, Burma. Every day, there is a flight from Tan Son Nhat International Airport at 9:35am to Yangon International Airport at 11:10am, except for some Monday and Saturday. Vietnam Airlines offers a variety of high-quality service on board as well. For more information on HCMC-Yangon flights, you can visit its site at: https://www.vietnamairlines.com

High-quality service on board for all flights of Vietnam Airlines

High-quality service on board for all flights of Vietnam Airlines- source: internet

Besides, there are a number of other airlines offering flights to Burma namely Air Asia, Thai Airways, Nok Air and etc.. So what are you waiting for? Just pack and go to discover Burma in your way!

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